XI Technologies whitepaper cautions against using LLR to estimate ARO

XI Technologies Inc. has published a whitepaper outlining 5 key reasons why Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER’s) Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) should not be used to estimate long-range Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) for Alberta operating and non-operating oil and gas companies. Initially created in the early 2000s, LLR was never designed to be used for estimating

Introducing the ARO Cost Model!

  Estimating Asset Retirement Obligation for an asset package or an entire company is a crucial aspect of scoping A&D deals. ARO has become a key part of risk management, and a disciplined retirement strategy is essential for corporate financial planning. LLR ratios and government calculated liabilities only tell half the story. Those who can

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ARO Workshop and an Introduction to XI’s ARO Cost Model

As the industry leader in A&D and liability analysis software, XI Technologies is excited to announce a workshop to introduce the latest tool to compliment our powerful LLR Analysis Module:  ARO Cost Model Workshop: ARO vs. LLR – Getting past common government regulator oversights to understand liability costs Estimating retirement obligation liability for a portfolio

More LLR Updates! Addition of EDTC Code in LLR Module

The AER has implemented some "temporary" changes regarding liability values in the LMR calculations. There are a number of facilities, based on their type or EDTC code, that have had  their liability cost eliminated. XI's LLR module has been updated to reflect these discounts and we have also added a column indicating the EDTC code

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New Data for ARO

NOW LIVE: AssetBook now contains 5 new field names to assist with your ARO calculations, making it easier to determine risk when evaluating a group of wells: Inactive Well Risk Class Inactive Well in Compliance Non-Compliance Details Next Inspection Date Last Volumetric Activity (Be sure to check your hidden columns for these new features)  Well summary

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LLR Forecasting & New Data!

NOW LIVE: LLR clients can now get a projection of what a potential deal will do to their future LLR (corporate or property transaction).  This will give a deeper understanding of the quality of these assets based on estimated declines. For example, two properties may have the same LLR today but one may show a longer

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