When you’re planning to drill a well, offset research is a critical but time-consuming step, especially when working in a new or non-core area. Backed by the WCSB’s only comprehensive source of digital drilling information, OffsetAnalyst pays for itself many times over, making it easier and faster to plan, compare and make key decisions about your drilling program.

OffsetAnalyst is a web-based software application that eliminates inefficiencies and minimizes the cost associated with tour research. Traditionally, PDF documents of well tours were requested and then manually re-entered for comparison. Now, powered by XI’s Drilling Database, OffsetAnalyst offers nearly 180,000 digitized well records accessible at the click of a button.

  • Leverage an abundance of digital data to create detailed drilling plans.
  • Analyse drill curves to find pacesetter characteristics.
  • Identify drill problems and lost circulation events, and build strategies to avoid them.
  • Simplify drilling program evaluations. OffsetAnalyst pays for itself many times over by helping you.
  • Nearly 180,000 digitized well records accessible at the click of a button

Digital Well Tour Data

If you use drilling tour sheets, Offset Analyst will significantly cut the time and cost of your drilling research. Offset Analyst is critical for:

  • Drilling Research and Well Planning
  • Benchmarking and Performance Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Look-backs and Reviews

OffsetAnalyst provides a high-level snapshot of a well, everything from bit records, mud records and time log summaries, to drill curves and well comparisons. Within OffsetAnalyst, all the data that was captured at the well site is immediately accessible and summarized in digital form.

Clients can view well tour data from over 90 operators in the WCSB. The application is designed for small operators, large producers and service companies – anyone who works with tour sheets and needs to save time.

Enhance the power of OffsetAnalyst even more

The DrillingSuite provides several extremely useful, purpose-built add-on modules to help you manage and grow your business faster and with greater focus.

Would You Like to See OffsetAnalyst in Action?

Demonstrations can be scheduled virtually, at your location, or at our downtown Calgary training facility.