Looking to get the most value from your XI products? Would you like to save time by learning pro tips, short-cuts, and added functionality? Want to upgrade your skills and expertise?

XI offers complimentary training for all XI clients. Customized workshops will get you up and running – or advanced to the next level – in as little as an hour.

Workshops listed on this page are held either in our dedicated training facility located at XI headquarters (#1700, 734 – 7 th Avenue S.W.) or online. Custom workshops can be booked for virtual training, at the training facility, or at the location of your choice.

Training Classes

AssetBook: Introduction

This course will help you identify potential new clients and opportunities for acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, trades, and farm-in potential.


ARO Manager

These introductory courses will help you navigate existing cost models and create new cost models and projects within ARO Manager. 

ARO 101: Introduction
ARO 102: Intermediate
ARO Manager Administrative Functions


ARO Manager Certification Course

This course will provide practical, hands-on professional development for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) tracking and reporting.

Currently, this is a Beta Course and we’re asking for professionals like you to help us prefect the course prior to full launch.


Specialty AssetBook Training

Shorter training opportunities on specialized topics relating to AssetBook, with limited availability.

LCA/LLR Report Training
Getting the Most Out of Maps
Synergy Search


Regulatory Reports: Introduction

Learn the three steps necessary to complete XI’s online H2S report, an AER compliant tool designed to help you calculate your H2S release rate.

H2S Introduction
Surface Casing Introduction


OffsetAnalyst: Introduction

This course will help you quickly and easily research and analyze vast amounts of drilling data, identify optimization opportunities, make key drill planning decisions, and reduce drilling costs.