AssetBook Pools will help you search by pool characteristics and access additional data from the government reserve files. Identify opportunities by providing an overview of working interest production, broken down by pool.

AssetBook Pools brings together numerous databases to present the information in a series of spreadsheets, making it easy to sort and manipulate the data you need on over 40,000 pools in Western Canada. By linking Government reserves with production you can use AssetBook Pools to gather interim information including reserve life index (RLI), enhanced recovery, etc.

Key functionality found in the Pools module includes:

  • Production details including cumulative and yearly net change
  • Pool reserves – both government values and XI calculated
  • Injection Values
  • Reserve Parameters (rock volume, pay, porosity, initial pressure, etc.)

Would you like to see Assetbook Pools in action?

Demonstrations can be scheduled virtually, at your location, or at our downtown Calgary training facility.