Word to the Wise: The importance of working interest participant information in ARO

November 15, 2022

AER Bulletin 2022-29 highlights some of the difficulties present in dealing with WIP when dealing with Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO).

Word to the Wise: Blueberry River First Nations area overview

November 16, 2021

Using our enriched industry data to offer a few insights as to what’s happening in the Blueberry River area from an oil and gas perspective.

Word to the Wise: The role of ARO in evaluating viability

June 15, 2021

The current importance placed on ARO liabilities has brought end-of-life obligations into viability decision-making.

Word to the Wise: Why knowing your working interest partners is more important than ever

April 14, 2020

With the increased focus on assets involved in the Orphan Well Association (OWA) due to Bill 12 and the $100 […]

Word to the Wise: What you need to know about working interest in ARO

December 10, 2019

When it comes to calculating liability obligations and dealing with your retirement obligation planning, working interest partners are one of […]

Word to the Wise: Why you need to take more interest in your working interest partners

October 1, 2019

We begin this week’s article with some seemingly simple questions that might be more difficult to answer than you realize: […]

Word to the Wise: Why you need to pay attention to your non-operated retirement liabilities, and how to do it

September 3, 2019

Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO) only pertain to the operators of wells and facilities, right? Wrong! Each week, XI Technologies scans […]

Word to the Wise: How working interest can affect the accuracy of LLR and ARO estimates

August 13, 2019

If you operate or are looking to acquire a stake in a working interest asset, your ARO calculations might not […]