TourXchange by XI Technologies Inc. is Western Canada’s most complete and continuously updated drilling information source in a conveniently searchable and filterable digital format. Created with the notion that a rising tide floats all boats, the TourXchange is a collaborative data-sharing initiative aimed at improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of drilling to give all Canadian E&P companies a competitive edge against global competitors.

Driven by XI Technologies and made possible by the participation of member companies who agree to share their drilling tour data in digital format, the TourXchange drilling database is continuously growing. XI continually scrubs and enhances the drilling data that is provided and adds to the database through several other sources.

Data access options – your choice.

XI’s drilling database is accessible in two ways. You may opt for a direct data access agreement that allows you to interface with the data and pull it into your choice of filtering and analysis tools. Or another and perhaps more seamless option is to bundle data access with a subscription to OffsetAnalyst. XI’s purpose-built web-based interface, OffsetAnalyst includes powerful tools for drilling research, analysis, and drilling optimization.

XI’s drilling data enables better decision making that saves time and money at every stage of the drilling process. It lets you plan more efficiently, drill with fewer problems, and shorten your time to drill. It can also reduce uncertainty, improve your chances for a successful drilling program, and drive further savings during fracking and completion stages. Researching and planning with TourXchange almost always means lower costs, better utilization of people, materials and equipment, and more ROI.

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Exchange uncertainty for answers. Exchange risk for reward.

The most successful, efficient well planning begins with TourXchange.