Introduction to AssetBook

AssetBook Introduction:

AssetBook is a powerful research tool that lets you quickly search and view vast quantities of oil & gas data. This introduction to AssetBook course will help you identify potential new clients and opportunities for acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, trades, and farm-in potential.

You will learn how to perform high level scoping, research competitors, research corporate or property acquisitions and mergers, investigate property divestitures, and research companies by custom criteria.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Identify companies’ BOE/d, land assets, drill history
  • Identify companies with production and land assets
  • Determine top producers and research your competitors
  • Uncover potential acquisition targets or merger opportunities
  • Evaluate a merger/acquisition opportunity based on combined assets
  • Identify companies with a potential interest in your non-core assets or areas
  • Pinpoint companies that meet specific criteria (BOE/d, public vs. private, high operatorship, undeveloped land acreage, operating in a particular region or province, etc.)
  • Create custom reports, graphs, and maps
  • Export the data in various formats for use in other programs

Length: 1 Hour

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