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We leverage data and online technology to provide Canadian oil and gas clients with mission-critical research and analysis tools that smooth their workflows and drive productivity. With XI’s unique, data driven solutions, energy and energy service companies can make more informed decisions and achieve maximum ROI from competitive analysis, A&D scoping, asset planning, business development, liability management, drilling, operations, regulatory compliance and risk management.

An Introduction to XI Technologies

XI Technologies Inc. (XI) is a privately-owned company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Formed in 2004 with the merger of Touch Tone Data Inc. and Westcan Petroleum Assets Ltd., XI Technologies creates essential research tools for the Western Canadian energy industry.
XI software helps companies interpret data to make better decisions. Primarily focused on A&D research and drilling and completion programs, we are committed to building exceptional, long-standing relationships with every engagement. Our software tools are industry-standard, driven by the needs of our clients.

From acquisitions and divestitures, regulatory and licensing, drilling benchmarking and performance analysis, to well planning and offset research, XI has the right tools to help you make faster, accurate, more confident decisions.

A Brief History

Touch Tone Data and Westcan Petroleum Assets

XI Technologies began with the creation of Touch Tone Data in 1994. Touch Tone Data provided reports to the oil and gas industry using what was, at the time, leading-edge technology. Using a touch tone phone as a prompting device, users could request various area and well specific products. The data was then gathered and compiled on Touch Tone Data’s internal servers, the request was processed and automatically faxed back to the client.

In 1998, Westcan Petroleum Assets Ltd. was formed in response to the growing Asset Rationalization trend. The AssetBook was developed to provide an instant working interest breakdown of production and land, allowing the user to quickly summarize any company or area. The AssetBook quickly gained a following and our client base accounts for over 80% of production in Western Canada.

The two companies, Touch Tone Data and Westcan Petroleum Assets maintained similar ownership but operated independently for nearly 5 years. The result of the merger of the two businesses in June of 2004 was the formation of XI Technologies Inc.

Today, XI is a diverse, energetic team of experienced professionals focused on building solutions to address the need for enhanced oil and gas information.

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