If you’re strapped for resources or time, XI’s H2SComplete will help you adhere to reporting requirements in less time than ever. The web-based tool will save your changes for future reports in the same area and you’ll have 24/7 access to your company’s database.

With XI’s H2SComplete service you’ll receive expert analysis and documentation of your H2S release rate assessment for compliant well licensing (AER Directive 056).

  • Fast Results – Reports delivered in under one week
  • Low cost – Spend hundreds, not thousands on data analysis
  • Expert analysts – Professionals with years of regulatory experience doing the work
  • Delegated tasks – Let your engineers be engineers, not data hunters
  • Improved due diligence – Individual assessments per location (preferred by the AER) without added cost or redundancy

There’s no need to make a choice between due diligence and cutting costs. Hand the task of H2S release rate calculations to us. We provide a faster return. Fast results. Low Cost. Expert Analysis. Improve Due Diligence. The biggest risk is doing nothing.

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