Specialty AssetBook Courses

LCA/LLR Report Training

Learn how to run an LCA and LLR report, and how these reports align with Directive 088 with regards to A&D Scoping.

Length: 30 minutes

Getting the Most Out of Maps

Discover the available functions and workflows utilizing all aspects of the mapping tool, including:

  • Searching using corners or polygons
  • Layering sets of assets on the map
  • Searching using mapped assets
  • Workflow demonstrations to show assets on the map that meet set criteria

Length: 30 minutes

Synergy Search 

Learn how to find out who is working with who in the WCSB with tips and tricks on how to find companies in synergy and interpret the synergy data.

Length: 30 minutes

New Features Training

Discover the recently added features of AssetBook.

Length: 30 minutes

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