The Canadian oil and gas industry focus on abandonment, remediation and reclamation work has created a competitive environment for service and supply companies. As more service work focuses on inactive liabilities, there’s more demand for service and supply companies to increase their intelligence on inactive liability opportunities.

The InactiveLiability Report provides the intelligence that service and supply companies need for inactive well analysis for downhole closure activities, identifying prospect operators, and solidifying grant pitches. It takes the critical public datasets and proprietary liability data of AssetSuite and provides it in a simple, manageable excel-based report with area-specific information.

The report provides:

  • A summary of all operators in an area
  • Their XI-calculated corporate LLR value (replacing information that is no longer publicly available)
  • Their inactive license & UWI counts
  • A license by license breakdown of all inactive wells in the area with Directive 011 LLR liability costs for abandonment & reclamation
  • The ability to browse historical downhole information, including:
    • casing depths
    • historical completion information
    • pressure information
    • additional general well properties

Each license also includes flags identifying potential non-routine closure work, including:

  • Surface casing vent flows
  • Gas migrations
  • Potential ground water protection issues
  • AB risk classes
  • XI-derived working interest participants.

Ordering an InactiveLiability Report

Go here to order a report for your area. 

Note: a subscription to AssetSuite is not required for this service.

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