XI Chats: The Changing Role of the Landman

May 30, 2022

The role of land and energy professionals is changing.

Gone are the days where landmen could do deals over drinks or at lunch, hammered out on a few napkins, and settled with a handshake. Today, you must seek out all the variables of the deal: from liability concerns to indigenous landowner issues to ESG concerns.

It’s still a relationship business, but one that demands that those involved have the right information at the right time. The question is, do you have the data you need? Can you provide your organization the information they need to make the best decisions possible when it comes to deals?

We invite you to watch a recording of our XI Chat “The Changing Role of the Landman”.

This discussion, hosted by trained landman Jennifer Baerg, highlights the evolving demands on land and energy professionals and how XI’s software provides the information their companies need. Included is a demonstration of the liability, indigenous boundaries, and emissions data available in XI’s AssetSuite.

Click here to view the video.