As discussions in the energy industry begin to center on subjects like Net Zero, carbon reduction, and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), emissions management and performance have become an essential part of oil and gas operations. Emissions analysis needs to be a part of regular, proactive decision-making, not just something addressed in an annual sustainability or ESG report.

AssetBook Emissions is a report that allows for over-the-fence evaluations of Scope 1 Emissions for facilities in AB, SK, and BC. The report allows you to quickly and easily analyze GHG scenarios, including the proforma emissions of two asset packages or combined companies, which is essential for early-stage due diligence in A&D.

Get a pre-data room look at emissions data for private or public operators throughout the WCSB:

  • Gas volumes and GHG CO2 ton equivalents for Fuel, Flare and Vent data, in rolling 12-month totals and monthly averages.
  • Current operator GHG intensity estimates (rolling 12-month GHG totals/rolling 12-month BOE).
  • Detailed reported emissions by province at gas plant, gathering systems, facility and battery level, volume and GHG tons equivalent.
  • Emissions data generated and summarized by company, area, or all other AssetBook search criteria.

Save time scoping how deals affect ESG materiality

In the AssetBook Emissions report, all gas emissions are gathered and presented in monthly averages and rolling 12-month GHG totals to provide the most up-to-date picture on active emissions. Save hours of combining datasets and calculations from multiple months of emissions data, or relying on out-of-date sustainability reports and data. Discover how potential transactions and partnerships will affect your ESG materiality with a simple report designed with A&D scoping and risk analysis in mind.

Emissions subscribers also gain access to XI’s Emissions Company Summary Report, which provides an overview of all active operators in the AssetBook and their 12-month estimated emissions and GHG intensities.

Proforma Summary Sample – Example of an emissions scenario where COMPANY Y (Buyer) is evaluating COMPANY X’s (Seller) selected assets in an area around Clearwater. “Current” is the corporate total rolling 12-month BOE, rolling 12-month GHG, and estimated intensity for each company. “Package” is the selected assets’ BOE, GHG, and estimated intensity of the target company. “Change” shows the proforma scenario for buyer and seller.

A tool made for professionals working in:

  • ESG Management
  • A&D
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Planning
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Insurance

Enhance the power of AssetBook even more

The AssetSuite provides several extremely useful, purpose-built add-on modules to help you manage and grow your business faster and with greater focus.

Would you like to see AssetBook Emissions in action?

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