XI Technologies

XI Technologies

Data Driven. Solution Focused.

XI Technologies is focused on helping you effectively interpret data to make the best decisions possible. XI provides essential software tools for critical research in A&D, drilling, and regulatory reporting in Western Canada.

Since 1994, XI has been a trusted provider of powerful research tools for the energy industry. Let us show you how you can get the most out of your data. With the right tools, you’re on your way to faster, well-informed, more confident decisions.

Whether you’re interested in acquisitions or divestitures, well planning and offset research, regulatory and licensing, or drilling benchmarking and performance analysis, XI has the software you need to make faster, better informed decisions.

Extend the power of your XI tools even farther with analytics and visualization modules, or consulting services options.

Asset Suite

Asset Suite applications are critical software tools for identifying A&D opportunities in the energy industry, by property or company. Anchored by AssetBook and its modules, Asset Suite clients can uncover and understand the full history and potential of acquisition, divestiture, merger, trade and farm-in possibilities.

  • Find best-fit corporate acquisitions or mergers
  • Consider property acquisitions
  • Find potential exploration/development area
  • Analyze and research competitors
  • Evaluate land opportunities

Drilling Suite

Drilling Suite applications drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of drilling and offset research, well planning, benchmarking and performance optimization. Offset Analyst delivers a comprehensive understanding of your area, trimming your drilling research from hours to minutes.

  • Access over 150,000 digital well records

  • Eliminate tour research inefficiencies and costs
  • Benchmark drilling performance
  • Avoid mistakes to build better drilling programs
  • Budgeting, long term planning, cost assessment

Regulatory Suite

The Regulatory Suite features reliable research tools to mitigate drilling risks and adhere to industry-accepted guidelines and standards.  H2S Reports help assess a prospective drilling site for H2S release rate potential.

  • Assess H2S release rate potential
  • Analyze anticipated pressures
  • Obtain minimum surface casing depth
  • Satisfy the H2S Release Rate Assessment Requirements set by the AER and CAPP