XI’s SurfaceCasing Report streamlines the path toward Directive 008 compliance, resulting in a calculated surface casing depth that meets AER expectations. For any well in Alberta to be issued a drilling license, operators must provide an accurate assessment of well stability and other risk mitigation controls, that satisfies the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) Directive 008. This tool will make that process faster, easier, and less redundant by equipping you with the location-specific data you need and software that guides you through the required steps to help ensure nothing is missed. More than half of all companies actively drilling in the WCSB rely on XI data and tools to simplify their regulatory compliance and operate sustainably.

With SurfaceCasing Report, you receive the entire history of recorded tests and data in the vicinity of your location, to establish Surface Casing compliance, aid with STICK diagram completion, and determine proper well design. By storing your work and documented changes, our system will continue to streamline workflow, simplify future well license applications, and promote collaboration throughout your organization.

The data you want with the validation tools you need

XI’s SurfaceCasing Report uses a compilation of data sources to execute a search for all pressures/gradients in the area, and then determines a thorough analysis of anticipated pressures at specific depths. The streamlined and structured workflow helps ensure compliance with Directive 008. Validation tools, custom reports, and robust note functionality provide the due diligence and audit trail to satisfy regulators and auditors.

Gain access to the most complete pressure data available for more accurate reporting.

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