Word to the Wise: Can corporate ARO affect your liability insurance?

February 19, 2019

This week’s Wednesday Word to the Wise is by XI’s QA and Support Specialist, Kathy, who also happens to hold […]

Word to the Wise: Potential impacts of the Redwater decision.

January 30, 2019

With a Supreme Court of Canada ruling in the Redwater case anticipated this week, let’s look at what a decision […]

Word to the Wise: New estimate pegs oil and gas liabilities at over $59 billion for western provinces.

January 16, 2019

A number of clients have asked if we could utilize XI’s ARO Manager data and cost model to do a […]

Word to the Wise: Alberta licensees may be entitled to millions in LMR Security Deposit refunds

December 19, 2018

For this week’s Word to the Wise, we’ve performed a quick analysis of potential LMR Security Deposit refunds and the […]

What happens to chain of title during insolvencies?

August 9, 2018

Guest Blog by Mike Newton Are oil and gas companies responsible for the end of life liabilities of assets they […]

Redwater will affect the way E&Ps estimate and manage Asset Retirement Obligations

May 15, 2018

The issue of Licensee liability in Alberta’s oil and gas sector has been an evolving one for many years. The […]