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Word to the Wise: How to solve the problem of incomplete STICK diagram information

In 2018, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) published a list of the “Five Most Common Noncompliances in Ten Inspection Categories”. The #1 issue for the Drilling Category was: “STICK Diagram does not contain all the required information.” Each week at XI Technologies, we scan our unique combination of enhanced industry data to provide trends

Final H2S Web Conversion Workshops

It has has been over a year since XI converted our H2S Gold Report to the web, making it even more powerful! We have received great feedback from many of our clients who have found the new web version easier to use with an increase in time savings. Eliminate redundancy Streamline workflow Increase accountability 

H2S Reports Workshop – October 27, 2016

Featured on the BOE Report - BOE Report - XI Technologies H2S Workshop XI Technologies (XI) H2S Reports are the foremost H2S research application in the industry, designed to help you quickly assess a prospective drilling site for H2S release rate potential. With over 10 years of experience, XI provides the most reliable data to

H2S Reports – As Good as Gold!

XI's web-based module H2S Reports combines the functionality & AER compliance of our previous Excel version (H2S Reports Gold), complete with the 24/7 accessibility of the web! Don't let the name fool you, it's as good as Gold; actually better. The task of H2S assessment is now faster and more efficient with these new features

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H2S Assessments – Adapting Old Data to New Drilling

Historical data and its relevance to today's drilling techniques: this poses a particular challenge that continues to grow and impact operators. How do you fit historical data to current drilling and completing operations? Douglas Long, P.Eng., President of The Barlon Engineering Group joined us as a guest speaker to share his expertise on the