Word to the Wise: How working interest can affect the accuracy of LLR and ARO estimates

August 13, 2019

If you operate or are looking to acquire a stake in a working interest asset, your ARO calculations might not […]

Word to the Wise: Over-licensed facilities can affect your licensee liability rating and ARO

August 6, 2019

Many assume that actual ARO will always be higher than LLR, but that isn’t always the case. Each week, XI […]

Word to the Wise: Understanding the reclamation cost discrepancies between LLR and ARO

July 30, 2019

Today, let’s look at how well reclamation costs are typically the largest discrepancy between deemed liability values and ARO costs. […]

Word to the Wise: Why using LLR can cause inaccurate abandonment cost estimates

July 23, 2019

The Alberta Energy Regulator’s Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Directive 011 deemed liability values are the most commonly accepted measure of […]

Word to the Wise: Adopting a WDM Approach for Liabilities

July 17, 2019

This week we look at a new, more streamlined way to manage oil and gas environmental liabilities. Each week, XI […]

Word to the Wise: July 2019 Expiring Land Report

July 9, 2019

Every few months, we like to take a look at expiring land. Are there opportunities for you? If you’d like […]

Word to the Wise: Alberta's IWCP is decreasing non-compliant well counts by nearly 40 per cent

July 2, 2019

Alberta operators are making significant efforts to ensure compliance with provincial standards for suspended or inactive wells. Each week, XI […]

Word to the Wise: BC's mandatory closure laws will force companies to spend up to $64 million on abandonments in the next 2.5 years

June 25, 2019

The announcement of new Dormancy and Shutdown Regulation and Comprehensive Liability Management Plan (CLMP) legislation, effective May 31, 2019, will […]

Word to the Wise: BC's new mandatory closure timelines will keep companies hopping to meet first quota in 2021

June 18, 2019

In a move that other western Canadian provinces will be watching and likely echoing, the BC Oil and Gas Commission […]

Word to the Wise: Bank redeterminations now include a detailed ARO component - are you ready?

June 11, 2019

Redetermination of bank credit facilities is an annual or semi-annual exercise that almost all E&P companies have become used to. […]