AssetBook: A&D Research Software

AssetBook is the ideal tool for high-level, summary information on all public and private companies in Western Canada. It’s the best detailed listing of working interest production, reserves and landholdings broken down by either company or area.

With AssetBook, the industry’s most powerful web-based research application, quality prospects are easily identified. Quickly compile and view vast quantities of data to gain a full understanding of the oil & gas industry.

Find Corporate Acquisitions & Mergers

AssetBook allows you to quickly identify and prioritize potential corporate A&D opportunities in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Quickly search thousands of companies to find best-fit acquisition or divestment partners.

Merge companies to assess compatibility or find fall-out properties. Quickly compile vast quantities of data for a top-level view of the energy industry. You’ll be well prepared for meetings with partners or clients, ready to make informed decisions.

Merge companies to assess their compatibility or to identify potential fall-out properties
Evaluate reserves and initial rates with AssetBook’s probability graphs
Perform searches using your own parameters to find companies or properties that meet your criteria
Identify potential farm-ins, compare average bonuses paid, determine premiums paid for deep/shallow rights, or evaluate a company’s exposure to expiries in your core area
Find all competitors in your area, including non-operators, to view recent drilling activity and land sale purchases

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A&D Research

AssetBook can help you identify all companies with assets in your area. See where your competitors are most active and view their recent drilling history, average reserves or land sale purchases. Compare working interest production and export summaries to Excel, mapping or economics software for further scrutiny.

Identify properties that are non-core to a potential seller. Don’t wait until these assets hit the market for everyone to compete in the bidding. If you are evaluating properties or companies in the public market, save time by researching them in AssetBook first. Focus your time on the properties or companies that match your acquisition objectives.

AssetBook Modules

Add value to your AssetBook with optional modules. Built to extend functionality and offer additional specialized capabilities, these add-on modules are powerful additions to AssetBook:

AssetBook PRO

Data analytics and visualization for AssetBook. Distill large amounts of data into easy-to-understand snapshots. Make faster decisions with single-page “at a glance” reports. Learn More…

Liability Analysis (LLR)

Quickly evaluate groups of assets for both buying and selling. See how a potential transaction could affect the AER’s Licensee Liability Rating of companies involved. Learn More…


See historical and predicted production & land data with Production (type curves, probability and time slice) and Land (bonus graph, acreage purchase) templates. Learn More…


Search by pool characteristics and access additional data from the government reserve files. Learn More…

“AssetBook is the first place I would start to identify acquisition targets or potential acquirers for our portfolio companies.

I am appreciative of the relevance, reliability and practicality of XI’s products. The team at XI is client-focused and very receptive to comments and suggestions. I am impressed by the initiative that XI takes to continuously improve its offerings.”

Michelle Moon, ARC Financial
“For over 10 years, I’ve been using XI to evaluate acquisitions and divestitures as well as identifying potential joint venture partners and opportunities.

XI’s research tools have saved me a ton of time in my evaluations. Quickly evaluating information and making better-informed decisions is a fundamental prerequisite in today’s oil and gas industry.

I have a competitive advantage over those companies who do not use the XI products.Pass on a special thank you to your help desk. They have provided me with excellent service.”

Rodger Perry, Manitok Energy
“I’ve been using XI (originally WestCan) since 1996 – that’s a long time!

It’s a very fast and accurate tool for scoping base production and land positions for buy-side opportunities. It’s an excellent data source in conjunction with corporate public data sources, like quarterly and annual reports.”

Morad Rizkalla, BMO Capital Markets
“Do you get that disconnected feeling because you know you are missing important information? That is how I feel if I go to a client meeting and I have not created a quick map of their areas of interest and drilling locations.

It’s such a great tool to start an intelligent, informed conversation. My clients love it and ask me to leave the map behind – some of the information is news to them, also!

I love AssetBook. It makes my job easier.”

Karoline Beninger, Gibson Energy

“I have used AssetBook since 1999 as an A&D screening tool. It is accurate, fast, comprehensive, detailed and provides historical data that can be used for trend analysis.

I have not found any other product that offers such features and is so easy to use. Customer support is great.”

Colin Yeo, Encana (retired)