Word to the Wise: H2S Compliance Blueprint: Data, Expertise, and Regulatory Readiness

October 31, 2023

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In the ever-changing world of the oil and gas industry, regulatory compliance is a constant. Tackling H2S release rate compliance can often be a bit of a puzzle in the world of well licensing and planning. We asked an industry expert to help provide some insights into what it takes to satisfy regulators when assessing H2S release rate potential. We’ll mix insights from our past posts with some unique thoughts to make sure you’re prepped for regulatory success. 


The Data Dilemma: 

Data is the name of the game in the pre-licensing and drill planning hustle. The government’s data is the foundation, but it’s not the whole building. Missed or questionable data can leave your applications up to scrutiny.  So, with scrutiny being the key word, it is on you to scrutinize the data. Though XI goes to great lengths to help, the buck stops at the licensee. The assurance that you can back up your numbers will go a long way to keeping the regulators off your back. 

Expertise Unleashed: 

The regulatory network isn’t just about reading rules; it’s about understanding the unwritten code. It’s where things can get a bit gray, and the data isn’t always crystal clear. When it’s time to decode the regulatory matrix, tapping into professional insights can be a game-changer.  Sure, the regulations are all documented, but there’s no better resource than working with someone that has first-hand experience with regulators, that understands their expectations, and has successfully navigated the licensing approval process. 

(And bonus, if they’ve also successfully navigated a few audits as well!) 

Consider also, the Geological and Engineering expertise involved as well. 

Handy software tools and intelligent data can only take you so far. The varied nuances of your well design/geological prog. will affect your H2S assessment, so be sure to have those professionals on-hand. 

Paper Trail and Audit-Proofing: 

Regulatory compliance isn’t just about checking boxes; it’s about showing your work, like back in math class. When things get judgmental, you’ve got to back it up with clear, no-nonsense paperwork. Our tools don’t just tidy up your operations; they leave a trail that says, “We’ve got our act together” for those post-approval audits. 

In-House vs. Outsourcing Dilemma: 

Let’s face it, resources are tight, and regulatory compliance is a beast. If you’re a smaller player, outsourcing tasks like data decoding and validation can be a smart move. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows; you’ve got to pick your partners wisely. Outsourcing isn’t just about slashing costs; it’s about doing things smarter and slicker.  

It is (and has always been) XI’s business to listen to our customers’ challenges and try to help find solutions. To that end, we offer industry-standard H2SReports that gather the necessary data and help you carry out the required steps of a regulatory-compliant H2S release rate assessment. We also offer a complete turn-key solution to contract out your H2S assessment without paying contractor prices. To learn more about how XI can help you adhere to AER expectations, visit our website or contact us today. 

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