Word to the Wise: Production top tens for 2021

March 15, 2022

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Last week, XI Technologies published top tens lists examining data from new wells to provide a snapshot of the success of recent drilling efforts. This week, we’re expanding this snapshot to look at production successes of all assets active in Western Canada, not just those recently brought online. This will help tell more of the story about how our industry recovered in 2021 and who were the companies leading the way.

The data on this list is compiled from our AssetBook software, the ultimate industry intelligence source for Canadian E&P companies and anyone who does business with them. Click on any of the below graphics for a zoomed-in look.

Oil top tens – operators and producers

When it comes to the leading operators for oil production, Cenovus Energy led the pack in 2021 with 640.6K bbl/d. They’re followed by CNRL, Suncor Energy, and Conocophillips. Cenovus also led the field in 2020, but increased their numbers in 2021.

Cenovus is also the largest owner of currently producing oil assets with 640.6K bbl/d, once again followed by CNRL and Suncor, with Imperial Oil rounding out the top four.

Note: these numbers do not include mining-based production.

Gas top tens – operators and producers

On the gas side of production, Tourmaline Oil Corp topped the list of leading operators with 2.584mmcf/d, followed by CNRL, Ovintiv, and ARC Resources.

Tourmaline is also the largest owner of currently producing gas assets with 2.533mmcf/d, followed by CNRL, Ovintiv, and ARC Resources.

Click here to access interactive dashboard versions of these graphs.

Congratulations to all our WCSB operators and producers. 2021 was the start of a recovery for our industry. Here’s hoping for an even more successful 2022.

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