In A&D mode? To be competitive today, you need to be more proactive.

March 15, 2021

In today’s competitive oil and gas environment, it’s no longer enough to limit acquisition & divesture targets to publicly available opportunities. This is an environment of aggressive mergers and unlisted opportunities. To find the best deals and assets, producers need to be proactive in their A&D scoping.

To succeed in A&D you need access to data not found in a listing agent report. You need to know where targets’ acquisitions are focused, what synergies come into play, what are the analogous assets, and what are the potential reserves and liabilities. You need the A&D data and tools provided by AssetBook.

With AssetBook from XI Technologies, you have easy access to all publicly available data in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. It’s the ultimate industry intelligence source, with tools to help you isolate and identify A&D opportunities based on any number of criteria.

AssetBook provides quick and easy access to the data needed by producers, banks, brokers, and anyone else evaluating A&D opportunities. Information that was once painstaking to get — combing through listing reports, sifting through data rooms, trying to make do with incomplete info from mapping tools — is now only a few clicks away. In a market like the one we’re currently experiencing, with people actively hunting opportunities to recover from 2020 and new mergers announced weekly, the time you save getting the data you need could make all the difference.

XI Technologies has been in the A&D scoping game since the late 1990s, with tools built and perfected for strategic acquisition identification and evaluation. AssetBook is still the best source for working interest production and has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of the industry and to continue to help clients make better decisions.

If you’d like to get a more detailed look on how AssetBook can meet your A&D scoping needs, contact us today to book a demo.

Upcoming Webinars

We’re hosting two new webinars in March demonstrating ways to get the data you need in AssetBook to compete in today’s aggressive A&D environment:

Take your M&A scoping to the next level — March 18 10:00 am

Companies looking to merge, acquire, or move assets need to be able to find hidden opportunities and to assess which potential opportunities best fit their operations. In this webinar, we’ll use examples from recent real-world mergers to reveal the type of A&D data and analysis you can perform using the tools of AssetBook.
Click to watch a webinar recording

Analyzing the Montney — How AssetBook makes it easier to analyze areas for A&D — March 23 10:00 am

The Montney has seen a lot of action in recent A&D activity as new players look for opportunities in this prolific play. Join us for a webinar where we’ll use AssetBook to explore the Montney and demonstrate how to use the software to research any area in Western Canada for A&D scoping.
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