AssetSuite New Features – September 2017

Alberta Facility Working Interest Facility Working Interest we now show facility working interest. You have the ability to see facilities with non-operated ownership so that you can complete evaluations (in AssetBook) and see retirement obligation (in the ARO Model). We’re proud to be the only database that is able to provide this for Alberta!  To

AssetBook: ARO Cost Model Demo

ARO is a key aspect of risk management and a disciplined retirement strategy is essential for corporate financial planning.  While important, LLR ratios and government calculated liabilities only tell half the story when addressing Abandonment and Reclamation costs.   Estimating the retirement obligation liability for an asset package or an entire company is a crucial requirement

Additions to XI’s ARO Cost Model are Now Live!

AssestBooks ARO Cost Model New Features! In May 2017 XI Technologies launched our ARO Module developed to calculate the Asset Retirement Obligation for any group of wells and facilities. The model estimates end of life costs based on typical values for various asset types. Since its initial launch in May we have already made some

Complimentary Training…and essential tips for a successful Stampede.

Did you know XI offers complimentary training workshops for all our products? Whether you are looking for basic training to upgrade your current skills, or simply to get a quick refresher, we offer customized workshops that will get you started, or advanced to the next level in as little as an hour. Click HERE to

Workings towards a collective goal!

I am a believer that being a good business, means doing good as a business.  Which is why I love and am so committed to managing our CSR programs at XI Technologies.  For me it’s an incredible opportunity to develop and engage staff, and to help create a positive and creative environment where our employees can

Spam Cup 2016 at the Calgary Food Bank

XI has been a proud supporter and member of YYC Tech Gives for the past 4 years.  In 2014 XI took home the  Spam Cup for the first time and since then has been an avid supporter of the event. This year we once again challenged a team of XI'ers to set their alarms bright and

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H2S Reports Workshop – October 27, 2016

Featured on the BOE Report - BOE Report - XI Technologies H2S Workshop XI Technologies (XI) H2S Reports are the foremost H2S research application in the industry, designed to help you quickly assess a prospective drilling site for H2S release rate potential. With over 10 years of experience, XI provides the most reliable data to evaluate

More LLR Updates! Addition of EDTC Code in LLR Module

The AER has implemented some "temporary" changes regarding liability values in the LMR calculations. There are a number of facilities, based on their type or EDTC code, that have had  their liability cost eliminated. XI's LLR module has been updated to reflect these discounts and we have also added a column indicating the EDTC code

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