AssetBook ARO: Introduction

AssetBook ARO Manager is the only standardized tool for estimating and monitoring asset retirement obligations in Western Canada’s oil and gas sector. It examines different abandonment and reclamation factors that are not accounted for in LLR/LMR calculations.

This introduction to AssetBook ARO Manager will help you to navigate existing cost models and create new cost models and projects. You will learn how it manages operated and non-operated working interest, facility over-licensing, and discounting to give you a more realistic estimation of the retirement costs associated with individual assets or with your entire corporate portfolio.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Calculate potential ARO of an asset package using XI’s standardized cost model.
  • Upload proprietary corporate ARO cost data.
  • Share created projects and cost models within your company.
  • Summarize data in different ways using one of XI’s many integrated reports.

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