Word To The Wise: Top 5 Articles From 2023

December 19, 2023

For years, XI Technologies has been dedicated to sharing knowledge we’ve obtained via our data and research in weekly posts we call XI’s Word to the Wise.  As we conclude this year, we reflect on the most impactful articles that resonated with you and your peers, offering a trove of knowledge and analysis.

#1. M&A Snapshot – Crescent Point Energy Corp Asset Purchase

In a landscape shaped by geopolitical shifts and economic unpredictability, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) emerged as crucial strategic maneuvers. Against this backdrop, Crescent Point Energy Corp made a substantial move with the announcement of their $375 million acquisition of Kaybob Duvernay assets from Paramount Resources Corp.  Our rigorous examination, facilitated by our advanced AssetSuite software, provided stakeholders with unparalleled insights into this transformative deal. XI’s reports, downloadable below, allowed for a deeper understanding of both companies, enabling a nuanced comparison critical for strategic evaluation.

Navigating through this deal required a multifaceted approach. Paramount’s recent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) report, available for download, illuminated key trends, indicating a 5% production increase over three years. However, the report highlighted a substantial 54% inactive well rate compared to Crescent Point’s mere 5%, hinting at Crescent Point’s potential to strategically absorb these inactive wells. Furthermore, the LCA Report identified potential acquisition targets such as Spartan Delta, PetroChina, Ridgeback Resources, and HITIC Energy, highlighting low marginal well rates, low inactive well rates, and distant corporate crossover dates.

Download the Company Book for Crescent Point and Paramount, allowing you to navigate the core complexities of Paramount’s Duvernay assets, which constitute the heart of this transformative transaction.


#2. Blueberry River First Nations Area Overview

In June 2021, the BC Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment in favor of the Blueberry River First Nations, affirming the violation of Treaty 8 rights due to years of industrial development in the upper Peace River region of northeastern BC. Fast forward to January of the following year, and a historic agreement was reached between the BC government and the Blueberry River First Nation. This agreement holds significance for the entire northeastern BC region, where various First Nations are Treaty 8 signatories. Covering approximately 38,000 square kilometers, the Blueberry River’s traditional territory is central to the implications of this accord. The deal marked a pivotal moment in addressing the historical impacts of industrial development on Indigenous rights in the area.

Exploring the top-producing companies within the Blueberry River claim area, as documented by XI’s AssetBook, Ovintiv, Tourmaline, ARC Resources, Canadian Natural Resources, and Petronas Energy emerged as major players, contributing 96% of the total production. The focus shifted towards environmental stewardship and remediation as a $200 million restoration fund accompanied the new agreement. With an emphasis on cleaning up liabilities, the region, hosting around 3,800 inactive licenses, carried an associated liability cost estimated at approximately $350 million, as indicated by XI’s 2022 Cost Model.

This remains one of our most-read articles well into 2023, and we continue to get requests for the downloadable report of all companies with a working interest in the area. Now you can also download our ARO Manager Project Overview Report.


#3. What Do Tax Pools Have To Do with M&A?

As the energy sector emerged from the pandemic-induced downturn, oil prices staged a robust rebound, prompting companies to cautiously revive shelved capital programs. Yet, a new challenge arose amid this resurgence: the intricacies of managing taxes. In Canada, businesses, especially in the energy industry, can leverage tax deductions and credits generated from capital spending on tangible and intangible assets. Tangible assets, such as equipment, can be deducted over time, subject to specific capital cost allowances. Unused balances offer the flexibility of deductions in subsequent years. In this climate, where strategic decisions can significantly impact a company’s financial health, understanding the nuances of tax pools becomes crucial.

In November, XI Technologies presented a comprehensive whitepaper, “The Tax Man Cometh – How Strategic Acquisitions Can Help Your Issue,” delving into tangible strategies and real-world examples that shed light on the timely consideration of tax pools in the context of mergers and acquisitions. It quickly rose to third place in our most-read articles of the year.


#4. Tourmaline Oil Acquires Bonavista Energy

Tourmaline Oil Corp’s notable $1.45 billion acquisition of Bonavista Energy Corporation intrigued industry observers. Leveraging our AssetBook, we dissected key players and regional dynamics. Our suite of tools, including the AssetBook ARO Manager, facilitated a comprehensive assessment of Asset Retirement Obligations, crucial for strategic planning. TAQA North Ltd. emerged as the dominant force, contributing approximately 38,000 boe/d of the 326,000 boe/d produced in the area. With 245 producers, the top 10 players hold a significant 63% share of production, underscoring the strategic importance of this predominantly gas-producing region, with over 80% of production sourced from gas.

For those keen on delving deeper into the dynamics of this acquisition, our downloadable information on the companies in this area provides invaluable insights. Additionally, as Bonavista boasts a substantial 71% working interest average, our AssetBook ARO Manager tool can be pivotal in assessing their actual Asset Retirement Obligation.


#5. Peyto Exploration & Development Corp. Acquires Repsol Canada Energy Partnership

In a burst of late summer M&A activity, Peyto Exploration and Development Corp (“Peyto”) revealed a significant move on September 6, 2023, with the announcement of its agreement to acquire Repsol Canada Energy Partnership (“Repsol”) for a sum of US $468 million. XI Technologies conducted a comprehensive assessment of the transaction, scrutinizing each company’s asset profile and the combined entity to extract valuable insights.

The A&D Workflow case study based on Repsol Assets is available for download.


We extend our gratitude to all our readers and subscribers who engaged with our content throughout this year. Join us in 2024 as we continue to provide in-depth insights through XI’s “Word to the Wise.

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