XI Technologies helps oil and gas service companies target opportunities in the Site Rehabilitation Program with a new report

August 5, 2020

In an effort to provide the oil and gas industry with easy access to the data it needs to take advantage of periods 3 and 4 of the Site Rehabilitation Program, Calgary-based data and software provider XI Technologies has created a new report purpose-built for service companies. The new area-based report provides service companies with relevant operator and license-specific data on wells that are a part of the Alberta Inactive Well License List.

XI Technologies’ InactiveLiability Report allows service companies to make high-level assessments for project planning, downhole abandonment bids, business intelligence, and budgeting by providing a clearer view of assets in an area, by operator. Service companies looking to take advantage of the Site Rehabilitation Program can instantly get the critical information they need to identify and assess opportunities; information that could otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to compile in short-staffing situations.

Using a combination of public datasets and proprietary liability data only available from XI Technologies, this simple Excel-based report provides service companies with an area-specific report that includes the ability to:

  • Identify companies of interest and sort or filter using XI-calculated Operator LLR values (replacing those no longer provided by the AER). 
  • Sort and assess licenses based on AER costs to abandon and reclaim. 
  • View Operator license counts and statuses.  
  • Sort based on inactive dates, vintages and risk classes. 
  • Discover Working Interest partners using XI’s proprietary algorithms. 
  • Identify wells that: 
    • are sour, 
    • potentially only require cut & cap,  
    • have potential downhole issues including gas migrations and vent flows, 
    • have potential ground water protection issues, 
    • have reported spills or incidents. 
  • Browse a well’s downhole information online, including casing depths, completion information and dates, pressure data, and other general well properties. 

Service companies can order the reports as required, without a subscription to XI’s AssetSuite software. As explained by XI’s VP of Data & Product Strategy, Shovik Sengupta, “Our service company clients let us know there was a need to get over-the-fence liability data in their hands for decision making and analysis related to the two year government Site Rehabilitation initiative. Given our expertise in the liability management software space and data management, we thought this would be fast and cost-effective way we could provide a product that serves an immediate and long-term need. And because we wanted to get this data into people’s hands as easily as possible, it only made sense to offer it on an as-needed basis, rather than just including it in our regular subscription model. 

For more information on how to purchase an InactiveLiabilty Report, visit our website or contact XI Technologies directly. 

About XI Technologies 

XI Technologies provides the datadriven solutions that Canadian energy companies need for informed decisionmaking, competitive analysis, liability management, asset research and planning, business development, A&D scoping, drilling, operations, and regulatory compliance.