Fastest drills in the Duvernay

December 12, 2018

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Let’s make this clear from the beginning – there are a wide range of metrics that can be applied to evaluate drilling performance. This post may seem rather simplistic, and we know that. XI’s industry-leading drilling database, and our OffsetAnalyst software, can help you dice and slice the data seven ways to Sunday.  But most would agree that the faster, more trouble-free you can drill, the lower your drill costs are likely to be and the sooner you can generate revenue from your drill program. That’s why smart drilling managers across the WCSB are doing everything they can to optimize drill programs right from the planning stage. To push the technical limits for an area, you need to know what those limits are, and how they were achieved.

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According to public data, 198 wells have been drilled that terminated in the Duvernay formation in the past 24 months. Using the digital drilling data from XI’s Drilling Database, we’ve created drill curves for those wells and there are clearly a couple of leaders. Using the sophisticated data mining techniques in OffsetAnalyst, you can dig deeper to understand every aspect of each of these drills so you can apply it to your own drill plan for optimum efficiency.

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