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XI Support helps with more than just questions

Kathy Stol – QA and Support Desk Specialist


At XI, our Support team is “Johnny-on-the-Spot” for you when you have questions while using any of our products. We’re hard at work for you from 8:00 until 4:30 – answering phones and emails, as well as monitoring our chat window. We get asked so many interesting questions – anything from finding (or defining) a data column to working with you to improve your workflow on a project.

But do you know the thing we hear most regularly while helping with your questions? It’s, “Hey, I didn’t know you guys had that info!”. So many times, while answering the question you originally called in to get answered, we point out other features and information that you may not have noticed.

A couple of the items that we’ve pointed out recently which have been real crowd-pleasers include the addition of the Financial Summary tab and the Facilities Assets tab (with the facility detail information).

The Financial Summary tab can be seen in AssetBook after you complete a search – as a tab just to the right of the Asset Summaries tab. This will show the financial details of all the public companies which appear in your search. This data is updated daily through Morningstar so you will always have access to the most recent quarterly or annual figures. So now, there are two different views for Financial info on public companies. One is to click on the stock symbol and a single page Fact Sheet will appear for that specific company (nice for printing!), or you can choose to view the financials for all the companies returned in your search.

The second item is the Facilities information in Alberta and Saskatchewan (we’re working on adding BC soon!). XI has added the Facilities Assets tab, which will display all the facilities in your search – just like we display well assets and land assets. When you’re looking at the listing of facilities, you can click on any one of those facilities and you’ll see details of that facility if they are available to XI (Gas Plant, Gas Disposition, or Battery Details). All that information – right at your fingertips!

So always feel free to reach out to us. We’re here for you; we are more than happy to give you that personal support touch we’re known for and are ready to show you even more about the product that you’ve been working with.

XI Support Team