Word to the Wise: December 2019 Expiring Land Report

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Word to the Wise: December 2019 Expiring Land Report

Every month, we take a look at expiring land because it can provide useful business development intelligence for service companies and E&Ps alike.

Each week, XI Technologies scans its unique combination of enhanced industry data to provide trends and insights that have value for professionals doing business in the WCSB. If you’d like to receive our Wednesday Word to the Wise in your inbox, subscribe here

For service companies, expiring lands provide insight into where drilling activity is most likely to occur over the coming months, and who is behind it. For E&Ps, the expiring land report helps flag farm-in opportunities and/or land that may come available in your core area(s).

According to AssetBook data, these are the top 25 companies with expiring lands anywhere in the WCSB over the next 12 months.

Figure 1 – Expiring hectares in the WCSB

In addition to knowing the top 25 companies with lands nearing expiry, it may be useful to know the bonus amounts that were paid on those lands. AssetBook allows you to easily identify and rank expiring lands based on the size of bonuses paid. This will help you prioritize companies who have the most money on the line and therefore may be more open to farm-in or partnership opportunities. 

Figure 2- Expiring bonuses in the WCSB

AssetBook allows you to search for expiring lands by province, by company, or by any geographic area. The results can be viewed in tabular format or displayed on a map to help with visualization. To learn where these lands are located and do a deeper dive, contact XI Technologies.

Here are the top 25 companies with expiring lands broken down by province:

Figure 3 – Alberta expiring hectares

Figure 4 – British Columbia expiring hectares

Figure 5 – Saskatchewan expiring hectares

Figure 6 – Manitoba expiring hectares

And here’s Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan broken down by bonus amounts paid on those expiring lands:

Figure 7- Alberta expiring bonuses

Figure 8 – British Columbia expiring bonuses

Figure 9 – Saskatchewan expiring bonuses