TourXchange continues to grow, adding 4,619 wells since September

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TourXchange continues to grow, adding 4,619 wells since September

Canada’s largest and most comprehensive drilling research database now serves up data and insights for nearly 160,000 wells across the WCSB

XI Technologies Inc. is pleased to announced that our innovative drilling data share project, TourXchange (pronounced “tower exchange”), has grown by 4,619 wells since September 2017 and now includes digital well tour data for 158,719 wells. The enhanced drilling data in TourXchange coupled with XI’s advanced drilling analysis software, called Offset Analyst, enables users to optimize drill planning workflows and identify opportunities for time and cost savings during drilling.

“With the Canadian Association of Drilling Contractors recently forecasting only a modest year-over-year increase in WCSB drilling activity for 2018 and beyond, the companies that are drilling will want to ensure they are being as strategic as possible in their drilling decisions,” said XI Technologies VP of Drilling Services Andy Newsome. “It will be crucial for those companies to maximize drilling efficiencies by avoiding documented drill problems and reducing drill time. Ready access to more data helps with scenario analysis and decision making.”

TourXchange, the largest and only digital compilation of publicly available tour sheet data, was created by XI Technologies in co-operation with some 70 operators across the WCSB. The project allows participating companies to gain access to previously unavailable digital tour records that can be used for in-depth analysis and drill planning.

“Easy access to data, along with the filtering and analytic tools created by XI through our Offset Analyst software, helps companies to enhance their drilling programs,” adds Newsome. “Rather than having to manually gather bit records, time log summaries, mud density reports and other key data from a variety of sources, it’s all at their fingertips. Offset research can be completed in minutes rather than days, and they can include more data to reduce uncertainty. TourXchange lets drilling professionals be analysts, not just data gatherers. The resulting innovations and efficiencies lead to reduced drilling time, lower costs, and improved ROI.”

XI Technologies is continually seeking new members to join the TourXchange. Visit or contact Nick Chomack (P:  403-517-0111, E: For more information on Offset Analyst software, visit