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How to search for LMR Security Deposit refunds in AssetBook

The Alberta Energy Regulator runs a Liability Management Rating (LMR) program. Under AER Directive 006, companies whose Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) – the ratio of deemed assets to deemed liabilities – is below 1.0 must submit an LMR Security Deposit. Over time, company positions and ownership can change and render these deposits unnecessary. But

Liability Analysis (LLR) for AssetBook Now Live!

The new Liability Analysis (LLR) module is now available in AssetBook! Considering opportunities? Understanding LLR is critical. The new Liability Analysis module can help you identify deals worth pursuing. This new AssetBook module will help you determine the true value of an asset – whether you’re buying or selling – using the Liability Analysis

New Liability Analysis (LLR) Module Now Available in AssetBook

XI Technologies is pleased to announce the new Liability Analysis (LLR) module is now live in AssetBook. This new Liability Analysis data calculation module allows subscribers to quickly evaluate groups of assets for both buying and selling. Created for operators and financial institutions, this estimation report provides valuable insight into how a potential transaction