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Offset Analyst: Drilling Research & Well Planning Software

When you’re planning to drill a well, research is a critical step. If you use drilling tour reports as part of your offset research, you know there is plenty of data available. The challenge lies in collecting and summarizing the information in a timely, efficient manner.

Offset Analyst is a web-based software application that eliminates inefficiencies and minimizes the cost associated with tour research. Traditionally, PDF documents of well tours were requested and then manually re-entered for comparison. Now, powered by XI’s Drilling Database, Offset Analyst offers nearly 200,000 digitized well records accessible at the click of a button.

With Offset Analyst, you can:

All data captured from the well site is immediately accessible, including bit records, mud records, time log summaries and specifics of how the well was drilled.
Quickly research pacesetters and competitors, understand historical problems, analyze drilling practices in your area.
Access to data from over 90 E&P companies across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
View the history of a single well, or build your own multi-well comparisons.
Custom analytic dashboards help uncover patterns, spot inconsistencies or identify opportunities in highly  visual, easy to share reports.

Digital Well Tour Data

If you use drilling tour sheets, Offset Analyst will significantly cut the time and cost of your drilling research. Offset Analyst is critical for:

  • Drilling Research and Well Planning
  • Benchmarking and Performance Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Look-backs and Reviews

Offset Analyst provides a high-level snapshot of a well, everything from bit records, mud records and time log summaries, to drill curves and well comparisons. Within Offset Analyst, all the data that was captured at the well site is immediately accessible and summarized in digital form.

Clients can view well tour data from over 90 operators in the WCSB. The application is designed for small operators, large producers and service companies – anyone who works with tour sheets and needs to save time.

The Power of TourXchange

Members of the TourXchange can access digital well tour information for almost half the wells drilled in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin since 2004. Compare well tour information from over 90 operators, including data from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

If a well isn’t available, you can still view a PDF or request a digital copy be sent to you. Eliminate time spent sourcing information, scanning PDFs or manual data entry. Offset Analyst is your single source solution for drilling research and well planning.

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“Using Offset Analyst, we immediately pulled a comparison well and decided against tripping the bit.

I estimate that decision saved us 1 or 2 days and at least $80-90K, thanks to immediate access to offset drilling records. This is a very useful tool.”

Michael Wilton , Traxis Solutions
“Offset Analyst compiles data from all over the WCSB – that’s a lot of valuable information. We know having access to data is important, but the interpretation of that data is crucial.

With Offset Analyst, we could use our expertise to evaluate and interpret the data to get the answers our customers need.”

Jeff Dimitroff , Blackstone Drilling Fluids
“Offset Analyst is a one-stop-shop for all your drilling research needs. You can easily search, view, and order reports all from the same website, and when you can’t find what you need, their support team is always there to help you!

XI Technologies has made it fast and easy to find what I need to do my everyday job.”

XI Client