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Offset Analyst New Feature – Multi-Well Tour Export

Now export detailed drilling records for up to ten wells at a time, making the analysis and comparison of multiple offsets a breeze.

This is a feature that many of you have been asking for, and we’re happy to now have it available! The power of XI’s TourXchange data is that it allows you to quickly and efficiently compare and analyze wells, side-by-side.

Use it when you have queries like:

“I want to compare bit run performance across six different wells.”

“Among these eight wells, how did mud weights range when drilling through Nordegg?”

With two clicks, you now have the detailed records for each well in a single Excel file, ready for your next steps.

Export data for multiple wells at once

Thank you for all the feedback we have received to date, keep the suggestions coming! We get better every release because of you.

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