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H2S Release Rate Assessment

If you’re strapped for resources or time, XI’s H2S Report will help you adhere to reporting requirements in less time than ever. The web-based tool will save your changes for future reports in the same area and you’ll have 24/7 access to your company’s database.

Did you know XI offers additional H2S services to help you meet your regulatory obligations?

Analysis and Preparation for Compliant (Dir56) Well Licensing

Even with the best tools, many companies often lack the most crucial element – time. Someone needs to do the work.

Introducing XI’s new H2S Complete service: Expert analysis and documentation of your H2S release rate assessment for compliant well licensing (AER Directive 56).

  • Fast Results – Reports delivered in under one week

  • Low cost – From 20 to 50 percent lower than in-house data analysis

  • Expert analysts – Professionals with years of regulatory experience doing the work

  • Delegated tasks – Let your engineers be engineers, not data hunters

  • Improved due diligence – Individual assessments per location (preferred by the AER) without added cost or redundancy

There’s no need to make a choice between due diligence and cutting costs. Hand the task of H2S release rate calculations to us. We provide a faster return.

Fast results. Low Cost. Expert Analysis. Improve due diligence. The biggest risk is doing nothing.

“Leucrotta runs a lean operations dept.  We leverage every opportunity to 1) avoid internal overhead  2) keep engineering staff focused on critical tasks.  We take regulatory compliance very seriously, but achieving that involves a great deal of research/documentation. 

We rely on XI’s H2S Complete to cut through the data analysis/documentation for our engineers.  XI provides us reliable numbers (and the documentation to support), as we prepare for our consultations. 

 I could do this work myself if I had to…I understand H2S release rate determination and am confident in meeting AER/OGC expectations.

XI’s H2SComplete gets a task off my plate, provides gives me great piece-of-mind, and I appreciate that it’s getting done at a reasonable price.”

Trevor Jones, Leucrotta Exploration Inc.