Access to quality, enhanced data could mean everything. But it shouldn’t have to cost you everything.

Oil and gas data is the basis of every key business decision in the WCSB. At XI Technologies, we’re committed to provide you with enhanced data and software that helps you grow – and grows with you.

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Everything you need to know. Every company in the WCSB. Instantly.

The intuitive search and filter tools in AssetBook make it easier and faster to find what you need for opportunity analysis and risk mitigation. View search results in tabular or map format, generate reports, analyze, and export to other tools for planning, budgeting and more.

Save big money on data, software, and IT infrastructure

AssetBook is useful – and useable – for anyone in any department company wide.

Other data providers charge tens of thousands for as few as two users. For a fraction of the price, XI’s corporate subscription to AssetBook gives start-ups and small producers unlimited data access, for unlimited users in any department or work group across your entire company. No need to manage seats, share logins, or limit access! And with AssetBook, training and support are no extra cost.

Access data from anywhere – no installs to manage

XI tools are web-based so you and your entire team can login from anywhere on any web-enabled device. Out to a meeting and need to pull working interest partners for a particular asset or group of assets? No problem! Visiting a site and want to search for licensing data or spill history? Go for it! Working from home and need to finish that business development proposal? It’s easy with AssetBook!