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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Just ask us!


Have you ever had one of those days where you’re looking at your computer wondering why things just aren’t lining up? You’re thinking to yourself, “I can’t ask anyone – they’ll think I’ve lost my mind”. Don’t worry – we all have those days! (For me it’s especially when I’m doing formulas in Excel).

So, don’t sweat the small stuff if it’s an XI product. The Support Team has heard it all, and we’ll take your question in stride (no matter how big or small the issue is) and work to help you through it!

Some of our favourite questions:

Where’s that Button?” 

One of our users called in looking to access AssetBook Graphs. When I asked him to look towards the left side of the screen for the button and let me know what he was looking at, I realized he was looking to the right side of the screen. I got to say (tongue in cheek) – “Um, how about we look to the other left?”. 

Blanking out” 

We received a call from someone who was quite concerned that we didn’t seem to have any information in Southern Alberta, we also became concerned…until we read the location they had ordered to. Guess we don’t have a lot of information in Range 10-W5 in Southern Alberta (but give us the NTS location and we might!).

Everything should be AssetBook”   

The email read, “ValNav has a new version of software out. Can you help me access it remotely?”. We love being on the top of your Support list – but we do only support XI Products.


I guess all these great questions just come from the fact that we’re so available! Send us an email, use our Chat Box available at the bottom left corner of any of our products, or call us at 403-296-0077 – and we promise we’ll never think you’ve lost your mind!

XI Technologies, Support Team