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XI Regulatory Suite features H2S Reports, the leading online software application for easy H2S release rate determination and regulatory compliance reporting in the WCSB, and other online reports that help companies comply with regulatory reporting standards.

Breaking Down the 3 Most Common Barriers to Effective Drill Program Evaluation

As software technology advances, so do the expectations for reporting and drilling analysis. Operators continue to develop more sophisticated ways to monitor drilling performance, through benchmarking, performance dashboards, KPIs tracking, technical-limit research, and optimization planning. But as with many evolving processes, work is often being done in isolation both within companies and across the industry.

H2S Research Keeps Getting Easier and Easier

 The final phase of our H2S Reports conversion is complete, and the response from clients has been awesome! Are you still getting used to the new version? Perhaps a bit resistant to change? We get it….it’s new, it’s different, and it might take a bit to get adjusted. But trust us, once you’re fluent with the web version,

Last Summer Session: H2S Reports Web Conversion

H2S Reports Web Conversion: Last Summer Session Join us August 15 @ 9:00 March 2017 marked the official retirement of our H2S Gold Search (excel version).  If your team has not yet used H2S Web, this is the perfect opportunity to get everyone trained on all the new benefits and functionalities that H2S Reports on the

How XI is bridging the resource gap?

As we continue to watch trends of increased investment and activity, our industry is enjoying a sense of normalcy and optimism. It’s the phase we know to expect as we cycle through the ups & downs of our industry. We’re all seeing the articles throughout industry news:  “Industry faces resource strain with increased activity” “Companies

Final H2S Web Conversion Workshops

It has has been over a year since XI converted our H2S Gold Report to the web, making it even more powerful! We have received great feedback from many of our clients who have found the new web version easier to use with an increase in time savings. Eliminate redundancy Streamline workflow Increase accountability  If your

H2S Reports – As Good as Gold!

XI's web-based module H2S Reports combines the functionality & AER compliance of our previous Excel version (H2S Reports Gold), complete with the 24/7 accessibility of the web! Don't let the name fool you, it's as good as Gold; actually better. The task of H2S assessment is now faster and more efficient with these new features

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