AssetSuite New Features – September 2017

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AssetSuite New Features – September 2017

Alberta Facility Working Interest

Facility Working Interest we now show facility working interest. You have the ability to see facilities with non-operated ownership so that you can complete evaluations (in AssetBook) and see retirement obligation (in the ARO Model). We’re proud to be the only database that is able to provide this for Alberta! 

To add Facility Working Interest percentage to your view, go to AssetBook and select it under Configure Columns.

ARO Model Updates

Facility Dates we added these so that you can see when each facility was first licensed so that you can determine the age of the facility is, its functional lifespan, as well as how much work will be required for its abandonment and reclamation.

Multi-Well Pad Reduction make your ARO calculations more accurate.

Spill Indicator shows you which assets have had a spill, so you know which wells will require more work to abandon and reclaim.

AssetBook Updates

License Number you asked for it, and we delivered! You now have the ability to search for wells or facilities in AssetBook by license number, no more UWI’s needed.

Satellite Layer we’ve added a new layer to the maps (check it out below!)

Saskatchewan Grid this has been updated to the newest government format.

Cumulative BOE we added a new column under Asset Summaries to show you cumulative BOE, so you no longer have to calculate it yourself.

Total Land this new column sums up developed and undeveloped land to give you total land in acres or hectares for each asset.

Handy new Satellite Layer added to AssetBook

Thank you for all the feedback we have received to date, keep the suggestions coming! We get better every release because of you.

To see a demo, arrange a training session, or for more information on any of these new features, contact us at 403.296.0964 or

If you’d like to see more, check out our detailed Release Notes for each month, please note that most of the above updates were deployed in September.

Your XI Technologies Team