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AssetBook PRO: Data Visualization Module

XI’s AssetBook has long been the industry standard research tool for high-level summary information on all public and private companies in Western Canada. It provides the only detailed listing of working interest production, reserves and landholdings, broken down by either company or area.
With the data visualization module, AssetBook PRO, you can now distill large amounts of data into easy-to understand snapshots of your analysis. Single-page “at a glance” reports enable faster decision making. Your organization is looking to you for answers. AssetBook PRO gives you the tools to turn your extensive analysis into direction. Presenting your data has never been easier.

What is AssetBook PRO?

AssetBook PRO is a series of analytic dashboards that take your data and software tools even further. You’ll find hidden patterns, spot outliers, identify best-fit opportunities, and discover synergistic partnership possibilities.
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With a few clicks, you can ask questions of the data and create highly visual representations, summaries and reports. Data is your most valuable resource, just waiting to be mined. Adding the PRO module to AssetBook is a flexible means of tunneling further into your data and developing a more complete visual picture.

Created for E&P companies, banks and service companies, AssetBook PRO brings substance to your decisions and makes your research more powerful, in less time.

Why Add PRO to Your AssetBook?

  • Create an easy-to-understand visual display of your extensive data
  • Consider more criteria and expand your scope to better qualify your conclusions
  • Identify the right wells for analysis even faster by spotting trends, inconsistencies, and outliers

Analytics for AssetBook

Create a one-page report of a target company’s production (oil, gas, or BOE), reserves, land and drilling history for quick comparison.
A powerful tool to seek A&D opportunities. The Buy/Sell guide lets you quickly see what asset or full company acquisitions or divestitures could be possible with current partners, creating a win for all.

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