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Graphs: A Visual Module for AssetBook

AssetBook Graphs provide a powerful visual representation of historical and projected production, either at a well level or a group of wells. Wells in Western Canada are analyzed and given an exponential decline, or is assigned a decline based on pool or zone averages. These declines are amalgamated to provide you with corporate decline graphs. Land graphs provide a look at bonuses in an area and expiries.

Key functionality found in the Graphs module includes:

  • 15 years of historical production
  • 6 years of forecasted production data
  • Rate vs. Cumulative Production Graphs
  • Ability to easily change scales, units, linear vs. logarithmic

View Historical & Anticipated Production

Leverage the power of Graphs to obtain group production graphs for any list of wells from AssetBook. Evaluate wells in a particular area or a zone within an area and analyze a company’s core area.

With Graphs, you can obtain historical production on a gross or working interest basis, and filter down to a customized well list.

Display a company’s portfolio of assets and see how that group of wells has performed over time.
Display amalgamated exponential well declines.
Time sliced graph displaying each year of production. Easily visualize the age of a company’s assets.
Compare up to 15 companies based on total BOE/day, average well per year, and number of wells.
Combine up to 15 companies to determine whether a proposed merger would be accretive or dilutive based on reserves.

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