XI Chat: Emissions Scoping for A&D

June 9, 2022

Do emissions matter to you? They should. 

If it’s not the announcement of a new government platform, it’s an investment fund looking for ESG commitments or a major producer announcing GHG reduction programs. Access to reliable, fast third-party emissions data is needed to keep up with this new reality. 

When examining a potential acquisition, are you looking at its emissions considerations? How would this asset affect your corporate emissions goals and intensity targets? When divesting, could higher emitting assets or assets with low gas conservation rates play a role in the deal? If you are taking emissions into consideration when doing A&D work, how easy is it to get the data you need? 

The AssetBook Emissions module is the first tool that looks over the fence for emissions.  

Join us at our info session where we’ll show you how to navigate this new requirement for A&D and view the emissions impact on deals with high-level risk assessments and opportunities in mind. 

Contact us today to set up a private demo or visit our website for more information on the AssetBook Emissions module.