The latest release of Offset Analyst is now live! New benchmarking and reporting tools, better data, and upgraded searching capabilities will help you perform drilling research faster and easier than ever.

New Tools to Measure Your Performance

Benchmark the productivity of your wells against your competitors’ with the new tools in the Time Log tab.

  • Look at PT vs NPT (non productive time) stats
  • Customize your NPT time codes
  • See stats broken down by time code

Better Data = Better Results

Significant data improvements will give you more targeted search results and better research accuracy. For example, the refined taxonomy means a search for “Gel” will automatically return results for variations, like “Gel Chem”.

Upgrades to the following data types have been made:

  • Bit: Manufacturer, Size (aka Hole size)
  • Casing: Grade, Diameter, Weight
  • Mud: Type, Materials

Increased Searching Power

Improved searching criteria leads to more accurate results. The following improvements will help you narrow your searches:

  • New filters include “Field”, “Contractor/Rig” and “Hole Size”
  • Mud type: Now search for wells using Oil based vs Water based
  • Customized Columns: select appropriate criteria, change their order, save preferences. Change which data fields are shown by right clicking on the column header.

Export Drill Curves to Excel

Drill curves are critical…not only for reporting, but for research, too. Engineers can identify key elements on a well in seconds. Export your Drill Curves to Excel to customize, print, or share as you wish.

Save, Manage and Share Your Work

Save your time and avoid duplicate efforts with new saving functionality:

  • Save your commonly run searches
  • Easily save and organize your lists of key offset wells in Well Manager
  • Share lists of offsets among members of your team