AssetBook & AccuMap Webcast

On November 9th IHS Markit and XI Technologies came together to showcase a typical A&D workflow that would save you time and allow you to evaluate more opportunities before getting lost in the weeds. 

We showed ways to find potential deals using XI’s AssetBook and then generate well and land lists that could be easily imported into AccuMap for further review and analysis.

AssetBook is a powerful, web-based research tool for high-level summary information in the WCSB. It’s the only detailed listing of working interest production, reserves and land-holdings broken down by either company or area. AssetBook allows you to quickly identify and prioritize potential corporate or property acquisitions, easily filter through important search criteria to focus your efforts and then get down to the detailed analysis.

In AssetBook:

• Find non-operated production and assets still in predecessor company names
• Augment production/land data with financials for public companies
• Analyze LLR by company or area
• Research a company’s synergistic partners
• Discover top producing zones for company or area
• Export lists for use in AccuMap

In AccuMap

• Import Lists
• Visualize Well and Land Lists
• Create Postings
• Display Production Data

For any questions about this webinar or for more information about XI Technologies, please contact XI 403.517.0111