The final phase of our H2S Reports conversion is complete, and the response from clients has been awesome!

Are you still getting used to the new version? Perhaps a bit resistant to change? We get it….it’s new, it’s different, and it might take a bit to get adjusted. But trust us, once you’re fluent with the web version, you won’t miss the old version one bit! 

How can XI help?  

  • We offer free monthly training sessions
  • Our support team is on-call, and ready to answer your questions via phone, email, and chat!
  • Here’s a new one: XI can now get the job done FOR you!

Introducing:  H2S Complete

H2SComplete is an extension of the H2SReport you’ve always known…but now with the expert analysis and documentation included. XI has teamed up with industry experts to take the entire task of H2S Release Rate Assessment off of your plate.

We will:

  • Analyze your XI H2SReport
  • Refine/qualify the data
  • Produce a comprehensive report complete with documentation and reasoning

This service is designed to help companies with scarce resources, limited regulatory experience, or strained budgets.

If you’d like a quote for a prospective location or want to learn more about XI’s H2SComplete, please contact us, or click here for details