December 2018 Expiring Land Report: Are there opportunities for you?

Each week, XI Technologies scans their unique combination of enhanced industry data to provide trends and insights that have value for professionals doing business in the WCSB. If you'd like to receive our Wednesday Word to the Wise in your inbox, subscribe here.  This week let's take a look at expiring lands. According to

Breaking Down the 3 Most Common Barriers to Effective Drill Program Evaluation

As software technology advances, so do the expectations for reporting and drilling analysis. Operators continue to develop more sophisticated ways to monitor drilling performance, through benchmarking, performance dashboards, KPIs tracking, technical-limit research, and optimization planning. But as with many evolving processes, work is often being done in isolation both within companies and across the

Celebrating Canadian E&P Accomplishments in the Last Year

With news headlines dominated by pipeline power struggles, a lingering lower-for-longer sentiment, and of course the media circus to the south of us, it’s easy to assume that 2017 was a year that didn’t yield a lot of progress for Canada’s E&P energy sector. While 2017 certainly brought challenges, a look back at the

TourXchange continues to grow, adding 4,619 wells since September

Canada’s largest and most comprehensive drilling research database now serves up data and insights for nearly 160,000 wells across the WCSB XI Technologies Inc. is pleased to announced that our innovative drilling data share project, TourXchange (pronounced “tower exchange”), has grown by 4,619 wells since September 2017 and now includes digital well tour data

Offset Analyst New Feature – Tour Data Preview

We’ve added a helpful tool to help our Per Well Pricing clients browse their offsets and select the wells they need. This new feature allows you to do a bit more window shopping before buying access to specific wells. You’ll see the summary data before committing, and can better ensure you’re picking the most

Offset Analyst New Feature – Multi-Well Tour Export

Now export detailed drilling records for up to ten wells at a time, making the analysis and comparison of multiple offsets a breeze. This is a feature that many of you have been asking for, and we’re happy to now have it available! The power of XI’s TourXchange data is that it allows you

How XI is bridging the resource gap?

As we continue to watch trends of increased investment and activity, our industry is enjoying a sense of normalcy and optimism. It’s the phase we know to expect as we cycle through the ups & downs of our industry. We’re all seeing the articles throughout industry news:  “Industry faces resource strain with increased activity”

Offset Analyst Demos – May Schedule

May 2: Lookbacks & Benchmarking - Done the right way Spring Breakup season goes hand-in-hand with completing lookbacks and benchmarking for drilling departments. Post-season reviews are critical for successful current and future drilling programs, but they come with challenges. Without the right tools to get the job done, tasks involved can be inefficient and