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The Assset Suite features AssetBook, the best online A&D scoping and research software to identify merger and acquisition opportunities in the WCSB, and all its modules – Liability Analysis (LLR), PoolBook, Graphs, and AssetBook PRO.

XI Support helps with more than just questions

Kathy Stol - QA and Support Desk Specialist At XI, our Support team is “Johnny-on-the-Spot” for you when you have questions while using any of our products. We’re hard at work for you from 8:00 until 4:30 – answering phones and emails, as well as monitoring our chat window. We get asked so many interesting

Improve your work flow! New Data Columns

Ever wonder how many wells may be on a given mineral lease?  Looking for opportunities to farm-in?  Wonder how many facilities are operated by any given company?  AssetBook now provides a count of the number of wells associated with a lease as well as a count of facilities attributed to a company.  AssetBook now provides

XI AssetBook now includes recent news, courtesy of BOE Report

XI Technologies AssetBook clients can now treat themselves to company, area and play-specific news through a complimentary new module:  BOE Report News. Through AssetBook’s Areas and Ownership search, users can now select the news module and see the latest articles based on their search criteria. XI Technologies AssetBook is the industry’s most powerful web-based tool

Duvernay – an Unconventional Play

Amber Anderson VP of Operations Much has been made of the Duvernay in the media and industry publications. Given the expense of drilling these horizontal wells with current market prices, it's interesting to take a look at what this play looks like and who is heavily invested in its future. After pulling information from the AssetBook, these

New Data for ARO

NOW LIVE: AssetBook now contains 5 new field names to assist with your ARO calculations, making it easier to determine risk when evaluating a group of wells: Inactive Well Risk Class Inactive Well in Compliance Non-Compliance Details Next Inspection Date Last Volumetric Activity (Be sure to check your hidden columns for these new features)  Well summary

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LLR Forecasting & New Data!

NOW LIVE: LLR clients can now get a projection of what a potential deal will do to their future LLR (corporate or property transaction).  This will give a deeper understanding of the quality of these assets based on estimated declines. For example, two properties may have the same LLR today but one may show a longer

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