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The Assset Suite features AssetBook, the best online A&D scoping and research software to identify merger and acquisition opportunities in the WCSB, and all its modules – Liability Analysis (LLR), PoolBook, Graphs, and AssetBook PRO.

Celebrating Canadian E&P Accomplishments in the Last Year

With news headlines dominated by pipeline power struggles, a lingering lower-for-longer sentiment, and of course the media circus to the south of us, it’s easy to assume that 2017 was a year that didn’t yield a lot of progress for Canada’s E&P energy sector. While 2017 certainly brought challenges, a look back at the data

Case Study Presentation: Why you need to incorporate ARO in your A&D analysis.

While capital markets appear to be loosening slightly in 2018, investors are keenly aware of the growing importance of Liability Management and will be insisting on a clear, reliable estimate of asset retirement obligations (ARO) as part of due diligence on merger and A&D transactions. Currently, most E&P companies rely on the deemed liability values

XI Technologies whitepaper cautions against using LLR to estimate ARO

XI Technologies Inc. has published a whitepaper outlining 5 key reasons why Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER’s) Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) should not be used to estimate long-range Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) for Alberta operating and non-operating oil and gas companies. Initially created in the early 2000s, LLR was never designed to be used for estimating

AssetSuite New Features – September 2017

Alberta Facility Working Interest Facility Working Interest we now show facility working interest. You have the ability to see facilities with non-operated ownership so that you can complete evaluations (in AssetBook) and see retirement obligation (in the ARO Model). We’re proud to be the only database that is able to provide this for Alberta!  To

AssetBook: ARO Cost Model Demo

ARO is a key aspect of risk management and a disciplined retirement strategy is essential for corporate financial planning.  While important, LLR ratios and government calculated liabilities only tell half the story when addressing Abandonment and Reclamation costs.   Estimating the retirement obligation liability for an asset package or an entire company is a crucial requirement