As the industry leader in A&D and liability analysis software, XI Technologies is excited to announce our final spring workshops to introduce the latest tool to complement our powerful LLR Analysis Module: ARO Cost Model

Back by popular demand: “ARO vs. LLR” – Getting past common government regulator oversights to understand liability costs

Estimating retirement obligation liability for a portfolio of wells/facilities or an entire company is a crucial, yet difficult aspect of scoping for A&D deals. LLR ratios and government calculated liabilities only tell half the story. This workshop details the most common oversights to government regulator LLR programs and introduces XI’s latest addition to the A&D workflow: ARO Cost Model

This session includes guest speaker Mike Newton, an independent consultant with a specialization in ARO and liability management. ARO is a key aspect of risk management and a disciplined retirement strategy is essential for corporate financial planning. Mr Newton has been at the forefront of liability management and has enhanced perspectives on how corporations should value their liabilities. He will address common misconceptions in the energy industry regarding ARO and the implications they create for companies.

If you are involved in M&A, A&D, business evaluations, or liability management, you will not want to miss this workshop.

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June 22: 7:45 – 9:00 am  XI Technologies Training Centre – Register Here

June 22: 9:15 – 10:30 am  XI Technologies Training Centre – Register Here


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